Gishot Guidance and Consulting

Gishot Guidance and Consulting

Our expertise lies in identification of an organization’s unique characteristics and traits, followed by a pointed construction of a tailored-fit solution. Whether it’s designing plans for corporate hierarchy, orientation procedures, and sales & services plans, or the development of specialized cross-company guidance functions – Gishot’s solutions will always incorporate and reflect an organization’s field of operation and core values. All of our functions are focused on being experiential, applicable, and practical in nature.

Gishot Guidance and Consulting – areas of operation:

Programs and courses for managers*

Consulting, analysis, and organizational development services*

Tutorials and courses for employees*

Sales & Services orientations*

Lectures and specialized functions*

Tutorial development*

Preparation plans for the retiring employee*

Safety Improvement and competency days*

Gishot’s professional force includes nearly 120 industry experts, advisors and organizational consultants. Our professionals are graduate degree holders, and have undergone rigorous comprehensive training, supervision, and certification on path to joining our consultant team.