Gishot College

Gishot College is Israel’s leading and longest-standing college for group advising and management-organizational consulting.

Gishot’s unique instruction methodology is rooted in workshop centered formats with heavy emphasis on key principles of individual and group training, and operates through incorporation of different instruction methods, such as group discussions, experimentation, event analysis, and more.

Our Curriculum:

Team Lead Training Program

§ The Team Lead program trains participants to become both leaders and coaches in an organization, equipped to lead a team towards achieving goals, and breaking new grounds through unique group leading practices and techniques

Management Training Program

§ The success of a manager often depends on his level of professionalism. The Management Training Program imparts the personal and inter-personal skills a successful manager will need in order to efficiently handle different aspects of the manager role.

§ The Program will expose the manager to innovative techniques in management, with emphasis on his or her own personal growth and development

Organizational Consultant Training Program

Curriculum goals:

 Perfecting consultation skills across three layers: organizational consulting, consulting for business units, and personal consulting.

 Equipping consultants with practical tools based off of personal experiences.

 Tools necessary to lead organizations and individuals alike toward bettering business